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Zine D-Artist

April 2 – April 3, 2022
W139, Amsterdam

ZINE D-ARTIST is a zine that combines Sarah’s & Jara’s love for making zines and throwing darts ~

We co-curated a two day workshop at W139, where we went through a short exercise that allowed us come up with the main content for the zine.

To begin the participants came up with their own ideas of Home, Sound and Comfort. Together we brainstormed and came up with one word each, based on these topics that were written down on a dart board.

The idea is to throw our darts and whatever word it lands on became part of the narrative and storyline. Lastly we  collectively designed a publication titled “Far from Home” by drawing, collaging or writing. Where does home, sound and comfort overlap?

Photographs by Jara van Teeffelen.

Cutting and Pasting Through


September 2021
Weaving Futures, Esch, Luxembourg

During this 5 day workshop participants were invited to develop a proposal for a play under the supervision of theatre maker Omima Mussa.

Together as a group they were organising a collective brainstorm session kicking off using a game as a way to spark and reawaken our imagination and creativity. “Forced analogy” was introduced as an artistic method, and used as a strategy to start a collective conversation about topics that led us to writing a script. In addition participants worked towards an experimental zine that formed the base of the final theatrical piece, created and acted out by the participants.

The Onion of Cultural


March 2021
Design Urgencies, Online

Together with Jara vanTeeffelen we hosted an online zine workshop part of ‘Design Urgencies’ - a 3 days online symposium on conditions for social transformation through design. The symposium included engaged sessions by researchers of Sint Lucas School of Arts Antwerp and University of Antwerp, masters students of Sint Lucas Antwerp and of the Disarming Design Department, Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam.

As part of the zine-workshop, we asked the
audience to take notes, phrases,words, sentences, remarks, observations, thoughts (really anything that came to their mind during the lecture). This was done on a miro board. Through this collection of thoughts we designed a printed zine ‘Onion of Cultural Appropriation.